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Giving Back

Little Eclectic House has a heart – a heart that revolves around the philosophy of giving back to others.  When you shop at the Little Eclectic House, you might find some merchandise tagged with ‘hearts’. That’s because twice a year, a person in the community worthy of a room makeover is selected and shoppers can pitch in, to “Bless back” a deserving individual.  You can purchase accessories to help complete the transformation for the lucky recipient or simply take a few minutes and write words of encouragement to include in a shadowbox as part of their blessing.  ”Who out there doesn’t love to read words of wisdom from other women” Shellie said, “we want to help give others the opportunity to be involved in something bigger than us all”.

Clients can even nominate someone.  ”Maybe she’s the nurse at your child’s school or the lady at Buccees who always remembers your name when you stop in for coffee,” Shellie said.  ”It’s our way of blessing someone who gives of herself to our wonderful community.”

You’ll also find space designated within Little Eclectic House for Crowns of Glory – a service that provides wigs and prosthetic bras for women with cancer.

So, even when you shop for yourself at Little Eclectic House, you can feel good about supporting a business that’s focused on your community.

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